Field experiment on radio communication technologies

The experiment was carried out by the PA2-CMMI in May-June 2022 with the aim to measure the link performance capabilities of WiFi and LoRa radio links. The locations selected within a bay to emulate transmission over the sea, so the links could travel over water. The conclusion of the experiment is that reliable WiFi connectivity of up to ten (10) kilometres can be achieved with a signal strength of -80 dB or better using a combination of directional and omnidirectional antennas. However, for good performance, there should be a good alignment between the two points. LoRa communications with omnidirectional antennas offer lower bandwidth (around -90 dB and SNR down to 10 dBm) with good reliability until the range of five (5) kilometres.

Improvement in LoRa can be achieved with increased power, a directional antenna and mounting the antenna in a higher location. WiFi connectivity can be increased with increased power.


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